Baltic Towers

Baltic Towers is a multifunctional complex that integrates apartment, hotel, office spaces within the sphere. The concept also includes a shopping mall, conference hall and cultur exhibition areas. The concept as a whole will form a unified urban and architectural space – a mixture of city and social center functionality. The investment will be located in Letnica, Gdańsk in a direct impact zone of Baltic Arena Stadium which is going to host Euro 2012 football games. The nearby staduim and recreational city areas together with the investments' seaside loacation and the place itself will create a new district of business, cultur, sports and entertainment. The concept was designed as a group of buildings gathered around the inside park. Fiftystories highend apartment buildings be sourunded by lower buildings will rise over the skyline thus creating a unique landscape and visual attraction.

Apartaments and Retail Complex
Total Surface Area
328.070 m2